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Established in 1982 Tropical Peat started business with a virtually unknown product. Peat quickly became a popular medium in the use of potting mixes for the nursery industry. Initially Tropical Peat concentrated on the supply of peat to this industry but the product became popular with home gardeners as well.
Realising the need for a pre-mixed potting media, Tropical Peat made it possible for the nursery industry to have potting mixes made up to their own special requirements. Tropical Peat has a large range of raw materials that can be used in potting mixes which also caters for the home and landscape gardener.
There is also a range of products for the builder. Today their popular peat products are potting mix, garden mix and lawn mix.

Materials are available in bags or bulk, which can be picked up on site or trucks and trailers are available to deliver products anywhere.
We are the only source of Australian peat in North Queeensland.
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